New Adventure RV and Bicycle Riding

Wow, has it been over a year already?  What a Year it was with Sailing the Bahamas, Cross Country Road Trip and sending our Daughter off to Medical School ( Go Camels).

We didn’t know what we wanted to do now that the boat was on the Hard at Indiantown Marina.

IMG_20180808_104751It was a big to hot for us in Florida for the Summer, .so figured lets keep the adventure alive.

We bought a used Motorhome.

A 2015 Coachman Prism.

Just about perfect for the 2 of us.  We got it a week ago cleaned it up and now sitting at Fort Wilderness at Disney World Orlando

The Plan; (changes every 32 seconds) We are headed West to pick some stuff up in Nevada, visit some family and do some bike riding

I know FI  followers cringe with purchasing an RV.  Yes, it is expensive, yes there is ongoing costs (insurance, storage, insurance…etc) but it gives us a bit of Freedom.  After being on the Boat for a year Freedom is a high priority for us.

We figure for us FI is in itself is a life style and this fits right in to ours.  Enough income coming in to do what we want, not touching our investments and giggle every day are the current goals.  I  will be updating the site with our Monthly spend.  We don’t consider ourselves ultra budget travelers because we do eat out stay at campgrounds and do the tourist stuff.  I was horrible of keeping track on the boat but i’m going to do a better job on the RV.

We saw the ad on RV trader for the Prism and stopped by to look at it on our way to NC for our Daughters Med School Interview.

Side note; Why do people that sell RV and Boats for that matter don’t clean them out before showing them to perspective buyers. Just 2 months ago we sold our Toy Hauler Trailer in Nevada in less than a day.  Why we took everything out and cleaned it up.  All the Buyer needed to do was put their stuff in and go camping.

We had 10 hours of driving and a couple of days to consider the Coach an we decided to make the deal.  It happened to be in Florida so easy to pick up and get it ready.  With Kelly doing her normal Elbow Grease Deep Clean, Oil Change and Tires Rotated we loaded up our stuff and off we went.

We thought;

Ok… We did leave but had a couple of hiccups.

When we got on the Freeway an Oil light started to flash.  I Remind you that this is a C Class Motor home on a Mercedes Sprinter Chassis so lots of sensors.  The light flashed kept beeping so once I got off I-95 we called the Church Street Garage in Stuart.  It comes to find out that the Sprinter is sensitive to oil level, so sensitive that there was just a bit over the dipstick line that was causing the oil light to flash, beep and HI warning on the display.

So we turned around and they pulled a little oil out and no more problem.  They were great very knowledgeable a great find in Stuart.

IMG_20180808_153051Second problem at highway speed (yes the Sprinter has no problem at 70) had a little shimmy in the wheel.  Figured it was due to the tire rotation.  Since we were right by the guys at St. Lucie Battery and Tire where we had the tires rotated they took a look and re-balanced the tires.  Just what it needed they were fantastic and will get my Tire Business when we get back.



We decided to book a night at Fort Camp Wilderness in Orlando.  It’s only a 2 hour drive from Stuart and figured a great night for a shakedown.  Although we got there late it was a perfect spot.  The RV park holds 800 but true to Disney form it’s immaculate.  We set up for the night in just a few minutes and hopped the bus to Disney Springs for Dinner.


We got back around Midnight hit the sack and was out for the count.  AWESOME.




Got Thoughts?