Love Southwest Companion Pass

I will write more about the Southwest Companion pass, just know we love it.  The Fact is one of the reasons I started Life Of Chill is because the companion  pass has opened up a new world of travel for us.

Do I have a PETER PAN syndrome issues?   NOPE, I just refuse to accept Normal.  If you know me you know that is true. If you don’t, follow along on this journey,we will see where this all goes.

Kelly and I are using the CP (Companion Pass) for a weekend trip to San Antonio to check out Hospitals.  Right now at 39,000 feet I’m putting up our first post on the new website.  I know it is ruff, so excuse the mess…

We are checking out the hospital for MR (Mrs. Rooster) to see if it’s a contender for a Travel Nursing Assignment.  That’s the cover story Anyhow.

Really, Just an excuse to Have Bloody Mary’s some laughs and to get out of town.  Did I mention with the CP and miles this only is costing $10.80 (more about that later)

Hopefully Guam will be the destination for Winter.  MR is working on getting a Nursing Travel Contract there, but we are working on backup plans. WHY, you ask.

Why Not.



Got Thoughts?