What a year 2016 was lots of SCUBA Diving and Travel

Isla Mujera

2016 was a Big year in SCUBA Diving and Travel For us.

Isla Mujera

Thanks to taking up some Travel Hacking, we really did have a fantastic year.  No way we could have afforded all the trips without getting a whole bunch of miles with Credit Card Signups and getting the Southwest Companion Pass.

We went to Cozumel, Hawaii, Thailand, Roatan, Florida, San Antonio and Austin.  We also spent 3 months in Santa Barbara while Kelly knocked out a Travel Nursing Contract.

We ended up with the Southwest Companion pass as well as Platinum members on American Airlines and Gold on United.  I just can’t stress enough how much getting the travel points made it happen.

Here are a couple of videos we made.

And the 2nd half of the year

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