32 NM Brunswick to Cumberland Island

IMG_20171030_134727We finally Cast off the Lines.  On our way onto the Life Of Chill Adventure, what have we gotten ourselves into.

Yes, Kelly is wearing pants, shoes and a sweatshirt.  It’ s about 60 degrees here in Brunswick, a crazy cold front is not going to stop us from heading south.

We have been at the Brunswick Landing Marina for about 3 months outfitting the boat for our adventure.  It’s been a great stay at BLM and made some fast friends, we all are working on our boat ready to go on the next adventure.  We had know Idea what we got ourselves into when we bought the boat just a couple of months ago.

But today is about Casting the Lines.

Bob and Maria on Carrie May have graciously taken us under their wing and we will be following them down to at least Vero Beach.  Bob has been sailing this route for about 11 years and knows boats and boating.  He has helped us so much in putting the boat in shape to head south.  His experience and guidance with the complex and the simple things we need to do.  Something simple like putting waterproofing on the Dodger and Bimini.  We were going to buy a little sprayer and use that, but at the Hardware store Bob overheard what we had planned and he just offered this.

Maybe, you should roll it on with foam roller.  Will be simpler and less mess.  Really what he meant was.  I’m just a couple of boats down and don’t want waterproofing all over my boat.  It’s windy here at the Marina.

Good Call Bob.  BTW we used Atsko Sno-Seal Water-Guard Extreme Repellent, 1-Gallon

It worked great and changed the dodger from leaking into the cabin when it rained to a nice and dry entry.

Thanks Bob for all the help.

IMG_20171030_134735We headed out of BLM and down the ICW (Inter coastal Waterway) down by Jekyll Island and onto Cumberland Island  We even got the main sail out and picked up half a knot.

Carrie May is much bigger and faster but Bob kept the speed so he didn’t get much more than a mile or so ahead.

Him knowing the way sure paid off because we left headed to low tide.  Our Boat draft is about 5 ft and we saw just 6 feet a couple of times.  No worries we made it just fine.

It felt great to finally be heading out and feeling like we can do this.  Birds, Dolphins, and other boat sure made it feel like we are “Really doing this”

We arrived at the Cumberland Island Anchorage about 5 hours later and feeling accomplished.  Set the Anchor for the first time using the new Mantus Anchor and Bridle.  Kelly nailed the approach, dropped the anchor, set it and did a happy dance.  Had dinner and crashed hard.


During the night we heard the sound of the chain dragging.  I ran out with a flashlight to the cockpit and scared a Dolphin, which scared me, in turn scared the others out there and they all started to pop up and out.  Pretty funny…

But… Bob’s boat seemed closer.  I was afraid we had dragged.  He would have never forgave me if we dragged anchor and into his boat the first night.  So I stayed in the Cockpit from at 4:30 am until first light.  We didn’t drag at all but at night everything seemed a lot closer.

Tomorrow… Off to St Augustine.

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  1. Stephanie says:

    Hi friend of your dad Ron. Love your story happy trails, Stephanie from Fort Indy

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